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Body Re-Composition is about altering the ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass. Increasing lean muscle mass is essential in order to improve your metabolism, body shape and overall health.

Much of my personal and professional experience has been around Body Composition, through bodybuilding shows and fitness modelling.

Specifically for lower back and shoulder issues. I’ve seen many of these over the years working with clients, along with my own personal injury journey. By releasing and strengthening specific muscles around the joints I can get you moving freely again.

I also work with the Injured Jockeys Fund, so have a broad range of rehab experience.

Functional strength training will improve not just your performance in sport but also in life. So you can actively take part with your kids as they grow up or continue to improve your performance in your hobbies and sports.

Teaching Animal Flow and functional strength training has improved how my clients move and enjoy life.

Working with Adam has been nothing short of life changing for me.

What I Offer

Injuries, Illness, Bodybuilding shows and years of experience with clients and my own physical transformations have equipped me with a deep level of understanding as to what it takes to embark on a new and challenging fitness journey.

I’m passionate about finding and designing training solutions to suit your needs. Combining a deep understanding of your lifestyle and your goals, then plotting the points on the map to give you the fastest and healthiest route to your destination goal.

I’ve tried everything from Paleo to Vegan and now fully recommend and embody a Flexitarian approach to nutrition. Encompassing your ethical beliefs, preferences, and your goals to come up with a solution that is simple and sustainable.

The greatest value lies in having someone in your corner who has not only the knowledge and experience to guide you, but the tools to track and measure your progress. Using my app for day to day messaging and regular consultations to keep you on track.

Adam has a very unique approach which goes way beyond just personal training.

How I Work

Choose a convenient day and time to book in for a Fitter Future 30 minute mobile or zoom consultation with myself.

During the call we will explore your history, lifestyle, and current challenges, along with a simple but powerful goal setting and visionary process, that will give you clarity and purpose of your fitter future self.

Adam is a fantastic personal trainer , life coach and all round super human.

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